For years now I’ve been passionately collecting scraps of reality, caught by the photographer’s eye. The use of photography is mainly a question of a decades-long habit, but it of course also results from a certain ease with which one can harness the very medium. After many years, hundreds of thousands of images have forms a kind of iconosphere of more or less personal memories. They also comprise a collection that have been shaping my memory resources.

I am aware of a snippet-like fashion, a certain randomness and peculiar style of the collection. It is merely my raw material, a groundwork for further potential visual applications. This material is also collection of images concerned with borderline spheres, peripheral spaces and especially fragmentary visions, often in a micro scale. I believe that in the process of generating a visual message, the signal needs to be strengthened. The number of emotions, impressions, places and temporal spaces can not be confined within a single image. The mixture of all the things we take part of every day, of what we create more or less consciously, the kind of media we use for expression is itself a spontaneous montage of reality.

This is why I try to connect fragments of situations or places I have registered, along with their energies, symbolical values, colors and meanings, to eventually mold it into one multi-layer “strengthened” message. Such image obviously is
not-so-accidental construct composed of rather accidental photographic & graphic notes. I find the graphics created in this fashion an obligatory everyday routine of filling up my personal notebook of impressions and memories.

Les Szurkowski